žNOWRUZ (with Tajik (Persian) language «New day») – a true masterpiece of the peoples of the East-the Aryans, including Tajiks.

žThe origin of this holiday has its roots in the pre-written era of human history. It acquired official status in the Hachomanish Empire (VI-IV centuries BC).

žOn September 30, 2009, Nowruz was included by UNESCO in the Representative list of intangible cultural heritage of mankind, since that time March 21 was declared as the international day of Nowruz.

žNawruz in Tajikistan is celebrated every year from 20 to 30 March. In this period in all cities, districts and villages of the country in honor of a new day / year are organized various cultural and entertainment events: the celebration «Sumanak» festive Dastarkhan «Haftsin Haftshin«, mass concerts, dances, carnivals, exhibitions of National Crafts, National Festivals, visit relatives, sports games – «Gustini Milli» (national struggle), «Buzkashi» (the goat), Uspdavoni» (horse racing), «Dorboz» (tightrope), etc. which attract every year thousands of tourists and lovers of culture, history and spring holidays.


Duration:  7 days / 6 nights
Type of the tour: Group (not less than 7 pers.) / (+20% for individual)
Visiting places: DUSHANBE city: Memorial complex of Ismoil Somoni (Dusty square) – Nation Palace – State Flag square – National museum – Nowruzgoh Park – Kokhi Nowruz

HISOR city: Hisor Palace – Museum of Hisor – Teahouse “Kharbuza”

BOKHTAR city: Hill of “Qurghon” – Museum of Bibikhonum – Ajina-Teppe – Nowruz square celebration

KHUJAND city: Khujand Palace – Arbob Plalce – Panjshanbebozor – Nowruz square celebration

Starting place / time of the tour:  Dushanbe, Dusty square, 9:00 h.
Hotels: Grand Hotel Asia-4*, Atlas-4*, Deluxe-4*, Firuz-4*, Matin on Moskovskay-3*, In Lenin 57
Cost of the tour (for one person): In hotel with 4* – $915; Double-$550

In hotel with 3(2)* – $790; Double-$470


The cost includes:
– transportation / transfer;
– meals (breakfast in hotel);
– accommodation (2*, 3*, 4*);
– guide;
– insurance;
– translator;
– visa support;
– entrance fees for visiting places.
The cost does not include:
– international fly / air tickets;
– personal costs, alcohol drinks, food etc.
Notice: in case of change of the list of services (according to wish for traveler) the cost of tour program will be changed



žDistance of route: 700 km (Dushanbe-Hisor-Bokhtar-Vakhsh-Khujand-Dushanbe)

žThe program provides: reception from the international airport of Dushanbe (to the hotel-10 km/15 min. drive)

žType of transport: minibus (Toyota, Mercedes) and / or SUV with all amenities

NOTICE: other conditions / needs should be agreed in advance



Day 1

  • Beginning of the tour: Reception of tourists in Dushanbe international airport; accommodation in hotel
  • Site visits: Memorial of Ismoil Somoni – Palace of the Nation – State emblem area – Park «Nowruzgoh» (Nawruz festival) – State Flag square – national Museum – Kokhi Nowruz
  • Return to the hotel

Day 2

  • Breakfast in hotel
  • Visiting sites: Kokhi Nowruz – Youth Park – Eram Park – Aini Park – observation deck Dushanbe Plaza
  • Return to the hotel

Day 3

  • Breakfast in hotel, departure to the town of Hisor
  • Visit the Palace and Museum of Hisor – Teahouse “Kharbuza”
  • Return to Dushanbe
  • Site visit: Mausoleum of Mavlono Yaqubi Charkhi – Museum of Oriental studies – Ferdowsi Park – market Korvon – TTS “National crafts” – Attraction Park Khayyam
  • Return to the hotel

Day 4

  • Breakfast in hotel, departure to the Bokhtar city
  • Site visit: Hill “Qurghon” – Museum Bibikhonum – Ajina-Tepe – Nowruz square celebration(Central stadium in Bokhtar)
  • Return to Dushanbe / hotel

Day 5

  • Breakfast in hotel, departure to the Khujand city, hotel accommodation
  • Site visit: Khujand Palace – Panjshanbe Bazaar (Khujand avenue))
  • Return to the hotel

Day 6

  • Breakfast in hotel
  • Visit the square the celebration of Nowruz (the Central stadium of Khujand)
  • Return to Dushanbe / hotel

Day 7

  • Breakfast in hotel
  • Visit to the center “Folk crafts”
  • End of the tour: transfer of guests from Dushanbe international airport

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